Hearing loss challenges: How to deal with your inner critic

Being hard of hearing comes with an array of challenges, such as dealing with an inner critic that can be a pain in the butt. But by being more aware of the chorus of complainers in your head, you can start to control them better.

Five Things to Do When the Negative Voice Becomes a Bit Too Loud

Make the voices in your head characters: This way you can distance yourself from them, and tell them to “shut up” when they need a time out.
Do an activity: Go for a run, read a book, visit a friend. Ignoring the inner critic is the quickest way to quiet it. Without attention, it will get bored and fade away for a bit.

Give power to the positive voices: The negative ones don’t get to rule your life. The go-getting, uplifting ones should. Notice the optimistic chatter in your head and move towards that as much as possible.

Meditate: Quieting the madness helps calm the mind and the body, so you can more easily present more helpful inner dialogue.

Remind yourself that your thoughts are not always your reality: Just because you think and feel angry, upset, anxious, or frustrated doesn’t mean you are those things. They come and go depending on your mood. Remembering that gives you hope that “this too shall pass.”

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